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Washington Capitals Development Camp: Chandler Stephenson Vs. Max Iafrate (Video and Pictures)

July 13th, 2012 at 12:09 AM
By Michael Stancik

In the third scrimmage of Washington Capitals development camp Thursday, the Red team took a 2-1 series over the White team thanks to a 6-3 victory in front of a packed Kettler Iceplex.

In the blowout victory, there were plenty of crushing checks on each side of the puck. Tension reached its peak following the buzzer, signaling the Red team's victory.

Chandler Stephenson and Max Iafrate had been getting into a bit of a scuffle during the final play, which ultimately resulted in a Stephenson cross-check on Iafrate.

It created a large cluster of members from each team, but teammates eventually allowed space for Stephenson and Iafrate to go at it.

Iafrate landed some hard right punches early on, and Capitals 101 caught the rest of the short bout on video. (The video is best viewed in full-screen format.)

New coach Adam Oates (nice picture) made it clear that he doesn't want fights at training camp following the fight. (Whyno)

However, Oates did acknowledge that he understands players get frustrated. The essential message is a good one: Don't go looking for a fight, but it's alright to show emotion if a tense situation arises. It happens.

Things to note in the fight:

Iafrate can throw some haymakers at 6'2". In Stephenson's defense, the third-round pick stands at 5'11".

Stephenson with a nice form-tackle of Iafrate to end the fight.

The goaltender (help on who it is!) casually sips some water after watching the scuffle.



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  1.  Jon Stancik says:

    Sweet video! I love the goalie move haha

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